May 13, 2012

I've been uploading some bootlegs I own to Google Drive so everyone could download them. The bootlegs I have uploaded are:

* @Coachella Festival
* Early Demos
* Kexp Sessions (2005)
* @Lollapalooza Festival
* Lp 2
* @Mercury Lounge (2008)
* Primitive (single)
* Unreleased Acoustic Demos (promo)

You should be able to download the files by clicking the next Google Drive Button:

Hopefully, I will have it done by the end of this week, so if you want to download the files, please be patient. By the way, I was going to upload the Drug Cabin ep, but here you can listen to the full ep.


Here I will post the updates, I'm currently uploading the next bootleg, live at Exodus, Texas, but it's on flac so it's going to take some time (don't get very excited, the quality is really bad, but they played "Fearless" and "It goes without saying" there, so it's a great bootleg.)


Only two bootlegs left! @Mercury Lounge (2009) and KEXP Sessions (2006)


I'm afraid I have to take down the LP2 booklet, The 401k music soundcloud account sent me a pm telling me so.


  1. Any chance you could upload that drug cabin ep mate?

  2. Holy shit thank you so much for all of these. I have been in love with this band for years but never found any other stuff by them. The magical internet brought me here somehow. I just downloaded pretty much everything.

    Please acknowledge how much better you just made my day.


  3. Hi Braulio, thanks for doing all this. When you say "LP 2", what do you mean? I don't see anything resembling an LP 2 in the Drive box.

    Thanks again

    1. I don't know why it doesn't show up, I have uploaded it. Anyway, you can listen to the demos (those that were going to be included in the LP2) in this youtube playlist:

  4. Just stumbled onto this blog this morning. Thanks so much for making all of this music available.

    I'm a long time fan, and LP is such a great record & it's a shame they never got to follow up on it. Looking forward to giving these tracks a good listen.