Apr 26, 2013

Drug Cabin show Fri May 10

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If you like Laurel Canyon music that sounds like it's been splashing around in the pool for a bit on a hot summer day, Drug Cabin's acoustic songs and their hint of sun-dappled, psychedelic pop may be just what you need. The duo comprised of Nathan Thelen (of Pretty Girls Make Graves and Moonrats) and Marcus Congleton (of Ambulance LTD) are preparing to release their debut self-titled EP on June 19 via 401K Music. They've had some help, too. Recorded in Josh Klinghoffer's studio and produced by former Pretty Girls Make Graves bandmate Nick Dewitt (Liars), the EP has spawned songs that range from the lilting "One I Love" and "On the Mountain" to the light-hearted "Whatever Never." The latest single from Drug Cabin is far from any post-punk in their past repertoire, but it's bass-heavy and woozy enough to get lost in. Now both based in L.A., Drug Cabin's live band is fleshed out with Warpaint's Stella Mozgawa on drums and Brendon Owens on bass. - Buzz Bands LA


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