Feb 10, 2015

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SOURCE: http://bighassle.com/publicity/drug-cabin

Edit: Apparently, Yard Work will be released on CD, vinyl and cassette! Remember the date: February 24!!! (just 12 days left)

In 2009, while traveling through Central America and Mexico, guitarist / singer songwriter, Nathan Thelen wrote what would be the first ever Drug Cabin song even before those two random words would be combined in this mind. The song was On The Mountain written in a cabin situated on a mountain in Chiapas Mexico. The name Drug Cabin materialized in Thelen’s brain in Chiapas too and it became the name of his largely solo LA based project culminating in a 2012 EP full of intimate down to earth alt folk songs that would often times deceptively blow up into dreamy ethereal indie pop.

As random chance seemed to inspire Thelen’s project, another chance happening occurred the day before Drug Cabin’s first show. While Thelan jammed with then bassist Mikey Adams, Marcus Congleton (Mikey’s room mate) joined in playing guitar. The musical pieces fit and Marcus became a part of Drug Cabin almost instantly, naturally. In Thelen’s mind, Drug Cabin was never built to last. It had always been intended to be side project but when Marcus entered the creative picture the faint spark once captured in Chiapas, Mexico burned into a full-fledged musical creation. Singer songwriters became writing partners.

Both Thelen and Congleton were, after all, kindred spirits having left their mark on the indie landscape in the early to mid 2000′s. While Thelen was an integral part of the kinetic proggy alternative rock outfit Pretty Girls Make Graves based out of Seattle, Washington and the post punk Moonrats in Los Angeles, 2800 miles away Congleton, as part of Ambulance LTD, fused strains of shoegaze and dream pop into emotionally wrought songs. Whether crushed under the weight of bankrupt record labels (morally or otherwise) or falling prey to the normal “rock band” expiration date, those musical incarnations ended giving Nathan and Marcus the chance to find each other in the creative sun soaked wash of Los Angeles.

Drug Cabin’s latest album Yard Work, a vast collection of harmonious sweeping deep groove folk-ish dreamy pop was recorded on analog equipment at Gaucho Electronics in Downtown LA at the height of a torrential rainstorm. The rain fell so hard and heavy that instruments and gear had to be carried into the studio under upside down trash cans that served as make shift umbrellas. At one point the studio was partially flooded and those make shift umbrellas were turned right side up and used as buckets to catch rain water from leaky spots in the roof. Still, ten songs, half co-written by Thelen and Congleton and the other half written singly by each took shape, recorded under natures epic duress in less than 2 days and shaped by the talented support of Brandon “Eugene” Owens on bass, Sheridan Riley on drums and Frankie Palmer on Pedal Steel.

‘Yard Work’ the debut album by Drug Cabin is released February 24th, 2015.

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