Feb 5, 2016


I've wanted to write a list of songs for some time now, and since there are some new ones added to Marcus' catalog, I decided to finally do it. It's a bit messy, however, since I can't find a way to sort it correctly.

I'm not sure if I wrote all the songs, so if someone remembers one that's not on the list, please let me know. Also, if you want to download a more detailed version (not-so-much) of the list, here it is: List of songs.


  1. I know it's way old news, but do you have any inkling if the 2nd ambulance record will ever see the light of day? I loved all of the demos that leaked before those John Cale sessions. Do you know if it was finished. Damn shame it never dropped. Enjoying the drug cabin though.

    1. Very unlikely. What demos do you mean? As far as I know, 5 or 6 ones were leaked before Marcus entered the studio with Cale. Most of the songs leaked were recorded after those (some produced by Mike Daly and others recorded at home on GarageBand).

      Around 2011 (?), Veronica Gretton responded an e-mail I sent her and told me they wanted to release an EP, but that's the most official I've gotten. In 2014 they claimed the videos I had uploaded to Youtube and then I had the hopes up again, but, one more time, nothing.

      But don't worry, a lot of them are being performed by Drug Cabin! Latest examples are "Ladyfingers" and "Upsetter", so, if Drug Cabin becomes a cult band, 50 years from now we might see a Super Deluxe Boxset with all the songs that never made the cut :) (One can only hope, right?)

  2. Yeah, can't remember all of the songs, I know "james" was one of them, I think some were uploaded to myspace. I was under the impression for some reason that the 2nd album was finished. Thanks for keeping up the blog btw.

    1. "James" was leaked very long ago, yeah, along with "Monkey Trap", "Outside" and a bunch of demos of already-released-songs ("Stay Tuned", "Straight A's", etc.), but I can't confirm that "James" was uploaded to Myspace before 2007 (the year Cale joined the party).

      I only found out about the band around ~2008, and the demos on Myspace were always "Upsetter", "Ivy" and "Ladyfingers". Some time later they posted "James", "Julia" and "Friends" (titled as "Untitled 1", "Untitled 2" and "Untitled 3", not necessarily in that order). When I started the blog, Ryan Gaffney, another hardcore fan of the band, contacted me and sent me some Myspace rips he was able to get from time ago. I think they were "Inferno", "Coco" and "Ivy". Thanks a lot to Ryan anyway, since he was the one who first found a lot of stuff, I just had the pleasure to "reseed" them :)

      All those speaking of the Ambulance's space, of course. "Back to School" and "Focus" were uploaded to the Mike Daly's Space and so I found them there.

      I think I'll add another column to the Doc I uploaded containing the year around those songs were recorded. I'm unsure about some, though, like "Love Bird", and have no idea about others (basically the ones that haven't been leaked). Maybe add a post about how I found every single one of them too, but I better make a good plan for that post.

      You're very welcome! It's always good to know people keep visiting it. Thanks a lot for reading!